Buy Caverject (Alprostadil) online for strong erection

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Caverject is an excellent option to think about. The active ingredient in Alprostadil is Alprostadil (the same as the naturally occurring chemical called prostaglandin E1). Prostaglandin dilates blood vessels and thins the blood, enabling more blood to reach the penis. This medication is given as an injection straight into the penis, resulting in a rapid onset of effect (5 to 10 minutes to achieve an erection). Caverject gives you a strong erection that gets you ready for sex. Caverject is extremely quick, and one of its benefits is that it does not require sexual stimulation. To know more about this, buy Caverject with an online prescription.


Can Alprostadil be used instead of an erection pill? Alprostadil is a synthetic analogue of natural prostaglandin E1, a hormone-like substance produced by the body's enzymatic conversion of fatty acids. It's a medication that's used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a freeze-dried (dehydrated and dried) substance used to make injection solutions. Buy Caverject injections with the doctor prescription.



It is a prostaglandin analogue that is synthesised (E1). It functions as an antiplatelet, angioprotective, and vasodilator. The mechanism of action is to improve peripheral circulation by increasing the rheological and angioprotective properties of the blood. Expands arterioles relax precapillary sphincters and improve collateral blood flow. Reduces platelet aggregation and adhesion while increasing red blood cell flexibility and blood fibrinolytic activity.


Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra alternatives. Even though Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the market leaders in erection medicines and have revolutionised the treatment of impotence, there are still alternatives, such as Caverject injections and Alprostadil. Another question is whether or not it is effective. Let's look at it more closely.


How does Alprostadil work?

In addition to its vasodilator effects, Alprostadil also aids in the formation of an erection by filling the penis with blood.


How to take Alprostadil?

Unlike Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, this medication is injected directly into the penis by an intracavernous injection into the rear of the penis, near the base. Buy Alprostadil, which is given 5-10 minutes before intercourse at the dosage suggested by your doctor. An erection should not last more than four hours.


Drug effectiveness

According to research in the United States, 66 per cent of 1,511 men with an average age of 61 who took Alprostadil got an erection strong enough to have intercourse.



Side effects

Edema, the development of fibrous nodes; eruptions, itching; penis pain: the most common adverse effect after taking alprostadil injection; edoema, the formation of fibrous nodes; eruptions, itching; An overdose can cause priapism (excessive erection) and post-vessel damage.


Where to buy Alprostadil?

Alprostadil is available online as well as at retailer. If you have any of the above contraindications or aren't comfortable injecting a syringe into your genital organ, you may opt for a more human option like Viagra or Cialis. Administration and dosing Caverdzhekt is administered directly into the cavernous. Titration is used to determine the dosage. The administration of intracavernous is done in a sterile environment.